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The Warrior Cleanse + MasterCourse

This process is the ONLY one of it’s kind to take your body on a journey of healing through your ENTIRE body and provide you with recipes, rich in specific nutrients to address the root cause deficiencies implied in every organ, which lead to disease.  But no more.  It’s time to transform DIS-EASE to EASE.

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Killer Breasts Book

Beat Breast Implant Illness and Thrive

If you want to overcome breast implant illness symptoms such as Hormone Imbalances, Autoimmune Conditions, Skin issues, Digestive upset & Symptom Chaos, you’ll need three things. A desire to feel your best, a system to cleanse and heal your entire body, and the key to unlock your body’s innate intelligence. In this book, you’ll learn how to become your own best healer and transform your life from the inside out.

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The Full Moon Challenge is a 2 week cleanse that teaches you to: Empower your entire body with the energy it needs to (not only feel more alive but also to); ensure your drainage and elimination organs and pathways are optimized so they can detox the mess parasites make in the cleansing process; eliminate the HUNDREDS of types of parasites that live in your body as well as all of their life cycles; and elevate your beauty, energy, immunity and vitality!

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Explant Solution

Your healing journey can and should be quick, and the road to recovery doesn’t need to be confusing…this is my gift to help you Cleanse your body while Healing your Hormones, Gut and Trauma, from the damage caused by implants, beauty toxins, emotional stress and more. I will also teach you how you can STILL have beautiful breasts, after you ditch your ‘Killer Breasts’.

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