1. What should I say in my email/newsletter?  … Talk about email swipe in dropbox with options encouraging them to add a custom start/end note in email with unique link.
  2. What should I include in my social media post?   … Talk about social media swipe options in dropbox encouraging them to add a custom sentence or 2 in their post as to their experience with TWC – why they’re recommending it, the results they got, their testimony, etc with unique link.
  3. What picture should I use in my shares?   Whichever one you like that resonates most with you and what you think your people will like/enjoy/respond to most.  We made some funny ones, as well as sexy food ones, then there are others of Diane looking angelic that speaks volumes of ‘Doesn’t Accutane this chic look like someone who can transform ya into a wellness warrior?’  😉  Please feel free to use your own too, if you’re kick ass at graphic art and custom image creation.
  4. Don’t forget to tag me ‘Diane Kazer Wellness’ if FB, Diane Kazer on Insta, etc
  5. Use your special affiliate link.  However, we DO recommend shortening it, using something like Bitly.com which you can customize it to your liking.  For example, instead of it being www.dianekazer.com/the-warrior-cleanse-aff-ID-100…you can paste that link into the bitly shortener, and you can create a link such as bitly.com/TWC100 which makes it much easier to share on Insta if you reference ‘Link in bio’.  This will forward to your special affiliate link so you are credited 50% for each person who purchases