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So many of us are trying all sorts of different things as we strive for healthy living. You may feel like you’ve tried everything, seen all the experts, and completed every program and gone nowhere. Forget all the quick fixes that don’t work because today we’re talking about the mindset you need to get you the actual results you desire.

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Amy Humphries is one of the most powerful women warrior mindest coaches out there. She’s helped many women realize that their perceived roadblocks to health are really just false belief patterns. In this interview, Amy shares how she helps others understand how they can take charge of their own health.

Today we’re talking about one of the key methods and formulas to help you get to the health you are looking for. First, Amy and I discuss the limitations of the current medical system and how it turns into a revolving door of frustration for so many. We talk about how to identify practitioners who can work with you by really listening and understanding where you are.

In order to realize how to get out of the sickcare trap, it’s important to know how you got stuck there in the first place. To that end, we talk about how to identify common mistakes that get us there and then what you can do right now to win back your health.

What has kept you stuck in the sickcare system? Have you found ways to take control back? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


In this episode

  • Why so many women get stuck in the “sickcare” system
  • What qualities and experience to look for in a practitioner
  • Recognizing the three key characteristics of failing
  • Steps to take today to win back your health, energy, and vitality
  • Recognizing how our beliefs and emotions attract the results we receive


“More important is to work with people who can be with you in all that you are and not shut down when you are in all of your stuff.” [12:29]

“My body is imprinted with the blueprint for perfect health. Our only job is to get out of the way.” [16:27]

“There is no one magic button! You’re the magic source.” [30:11]

“In order to rise, we get to first descend and face the truth of what’s really going on. From that place you will have nothing to hide and nothing to prove and that is a powerful place.” [34:53]

“When you’re not sure what to do next, follow your curiosity because that’s what’s being called into you.” [55:03]



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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”