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What is gut health really? It’s multifaceted, and comes back to a state of equilibrium. Conventional medicine does not aim to heal these ailments but rather attack the problem. When you go to a practitioner who is only looking at blood tests, you’re not going to get to the root cause of your illness. Today I talked with Dr. Seth Gerlach, fellow CHI coach and chiropractic internist.

We have a double feature: part one dispelling common gut health misconceptions and part two answering common gut FAQ’s.

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In these episodes

  • How to distinguish what is “normal” for your health
  • The power (or lack thereof) of Candida cleanses
  • What traditional medicine fails to consider in gut health
  • How your gut affects nearly every part of your body

Part 1: Top 5 Gut Myths & Misperceptions

Listen to go deeper in the top 5 misconceptions about the gut from Dr. Gerlach.

GI problems can show up anywhere in the body. The gut does much more than digest food, it helps control inflammation in the body, makes neurotransmitters, and sends chemical messengers out all over the body. If you’ve ever been on even antibiotics, chances are you have some sort of problem in the gut.

Dr. Gerlach sees many patients who visit his practice that come from gastroenterologists with completely clear tests such as blood work and colonoscopies. What this fails to mention is that traditional doctors are looking for major causes of concern such as cancer or ulcers. This is rarely accompanied with a stool test, which can actually show what’s happening in the gut from a microbial standpoint.

Many people have been misled in terms of their gut health, by listening to this, you can learn to take your health back.


Part 2: Gut Mastery (Why Just Going on a Candida Cleanse won’t Work to Resolve your Symptoms)

How can birth control and medications destroy your gut health?  

What are the dangers in taking over-the-counter medications like antacids? 

Why won’t a probiotic fix everything?

What kinds of bacteria show up in the gut?

How does candida affect your brain?


These are all important takeaways from the second segment of my talk with Dr. Seth Gerlach. Listen for even more answered questions all about your gut.

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“Many people function at 20% and don’t know they have an extra 80%  [14:24]

“The gut and gut health is a balancing act.. If we can educate people on how to maintain a healthy gut, they can live a healthy life” [43:45]

“It’s selfish to not work on yourself, because no one gets the best of you, everyone gets a little piece.” [49:34]



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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”