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  • Do you have breast implants? Read this.
  • Why are other countries banning THIS?
  • Why breast implants could be the “root cause” of your symptoms



Did you know breast implants could be the “root cause” of your symptoms?

I know it might sound crazy, but stick with me for a second…

You see, these things are so dangerous that other countries have gone so far as to completely ban them…

Worse… Breast implants are actually filled with 30+ TOXIC chemicals like…

  • Methyl ethyl ketone (neurotoxin)
  • Cyclohexanone (neurotoxins)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dicholormethane (carcinogen)
  • Benzene (Carcinogen/Neurotoxin)
  • Heavy metals such as aluminum (neurotoxin linked to Autoimmune disease) 

….You get the idea.

If you’ve been diagnosed with conditions like depression, autoimmunity, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, etc…

OR you’ve experienced symptoms like difficulty taking a deep breath, irritable bowel, low libido, back or shoulder pain, getting sick more often, heart palpitations, lymph swelling, or practically any array of symptoms since getting breast implant surgery…

Well your implants just may be your “root cause”.

Just a few years ago… You would get called CRAZY if you said any kind of cosmetic surgery was causing you issues.

Support groups were non-existent and information was scarce or completely unavailable…

But today, there’s a movement of women waking up to the realities of toxic beauty.

Rising up to end the shame, the unattainable standards, and sacrificing their health in the name of it all!

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

My friend Diane Kazer has just come out with a new book!

It’s called Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life!

Readers and Health professionals have coined it ‘the Explant Solution’ and ‘Natural Beauty Makeover’ supporting women overwhelmed in learning about the dangers of Breast Implants, and ensuing symptoms known as Breast Implant Illness, who are afraid to ‘lose their beauty and confidence’ when they remove their implants. Diane goes deep into the details of how women can have even MORE beautiful breasts post explant, along with the hundreds of choices along the way such as picking your doctor team, plastic surgery options, working with insurance, preparing your body for explant and most importantly how to cleanse, heal and emotionally recover rapidly.  Amidst the Labs, supplements, cleanses, treatments, challenging conversations and myriad of questions, Diane covers it all in this Amazon ‘Breast Selling Book’. 

And the best part?

She’s giving it away practically for free.

To get it, just click here

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P.S. I feel this is a MUST read for every woman even if she doesn’t have breast implants because Diane also gets DEEP into topics like botox, toxic self image, and self-acceptance. Being that 96% of women think they’re beautiful, this book is a GAME CHANGER for women’s confidence.


3 Myths “Takeover” Email


‘YOUR NAME’S’ friend Diane


  • 3 Surprising Myths about Breast Implants
  • 3 BIG Myths about Implants



It’s Diane and I’ve taken over NAME’s email list…

Maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe not. But I’m known as the Breast Implant Illness expert Non-Toxic Beauty Queen and I help you discover the self love key to unlock your body’s innate intelligence, self-heal your symptoms, and transform your life from the inside out.

And because of what I do I get questions about this stuff a lot…

So I just wanted to take a moment to clear a few things up when it comes to breast implants.

Myth No. 1 – “My Breast implants aren’t causing me any problems. My breasts look and feel fine.”

TRUTH = Illness caused by implants can manifest as over 80+ symptoms such as brain fog, depression/anxiety, skin issues, hair loss, weight gain, pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, frequent infections, GI symptoms, low body temp/blood pressure, infertility and more!

You may have symptoms that you’ve labeled as “normal” or a part of getting older that could be partially connected to your breast implants.

We can’t blame every symptom on breast implants… But they certainly are a stressor on the body even if you think you’re healthy.

If you struggle with any symptoms, we always recommend removing the implants while also addressing any other hidden stressors. Why wait until you’re really suffering?

Even if you feel fine right now, your implants just may be a ticking time bomb…

Myth No. 2 – “Breast implants are the reason for ALL my symptoms and getting them removed is going to solve ALL my health problems. All my symptoms are going to miraculously go away after that.”

The reality is that there are three main reasons why people develop chronic illness today:

  • Toxicity
  • Infections
  • Trauma (emotional and physical)

Given this, breast implants are just 1 source of toxicity and infection…there are many others to consider and when the body is breaking down we need to address all sources of stress on the body, not just one.

Myth No. 3 – “Chlorella, cilantro, and spirulina are good binders for detoxing heavy metals post explant surgery.”

Until you fully cleanse and heal the cell, you’ll never get well and you’ll feel like hell.

Explant surgery will take a big toxic load off your body… But what they won’t tell you is what comes after.

Many women hear that chlorella, cilantro, and spirulina are good for binding toxins.

The truth is that they’re very weak binders and can end up doing more harm than good. I’ve even seen these types of things make people much sicker…

When you remove your implants, you’ve removed the source of toxins… But the toxins that have been leaking are still lodged deep in the body.

You’ve removed the arsonist, but the flames burn on.

There’s a delicate formula specific to women who have had implants to address the whole body.

If all of this is a shock to you, if you think your symptoms may be caused by breast implants, if you feel overwhelmed with where to start…

I’ve got good news.

I’ve just released a new book called Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life!

(It also comes with 5 amazing bonuses – Interviews and checklists to help you on your path)

If you’re not sure if you have breast implant illness (or any woman that you know who has implants), or whether you’re ready to take the next steps and you just need a guide, this will be a GREAT resource for you.

To get it, just click here

>>> Click here to get the Killer Breasts book

Talk soon,

Diane Kazer


3 things you NEED to do if Explanting


  • 3 things you NEED to do if Explanting
  • The “TITS” Formula for healing Breast Implant Illness


Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

If you’re considering explanting, congrats!

(And if you’re not, no judgement there either.)

But if you are.. There are some really really important things you’re going to want to do to support that process post-op…

  1. Get in a Supportive Community

Alongside working with a skilled explant surgeon, having a strong, reliable coach,

serving as your own personal Health Detective, the single most empowering thing you can do to not only overcome BII is to take charge of your “life beyond explant”.

A change in your outward appearance also turns up old emotions you’ll need to take time to process.

Being part of a supportive community, getting your family members on board is an important part of the process! Even when people are physically around you, you can still feel emotionally alone. Be sure to have the conversations you need to have.

  1. Reduce stress. Emphasize sleep.

Issues like burning fat, depression, vaginal dryness, and infertility are all symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

And the number one way to help hormone balance and speed healing is with sleep!

I get it. It’s easy when we’re stressed to want to do things to distract ourselves like watch t.v., eat chocolate, stay up late, etc…

When the stress hormones rise, sex and sleep hormones decrease because the body prioritizes cortisol as a fight-or-flight response.

(We go over this in depth in my new book.)

  1. Mindset

Repeat after me: “Simply explanting will not fix all of my problems.”

I see this belief sabotage women’s healing journeys. Oftentimes, this mindset will render them sicker than when they had the implants in.

The reality is that there are women that still don’t feel well six months, one year, three years, even five years post explant.

Most often, it’s because they didn’t prepare their bodies for the stress of surgery; nor did they develop a plan to detox implant residue or other toxins, making it difficult to restore the gut, tissues and hormonal systems—all necessary elements for comprehensive, synergistic healing.

A physical cure must also involve a spiritual cleanse of our mindset, thereby removing the limiting beliefs that lead us to implant to begin with…

While I’d say those are the top 3 things… There’s many more things to consider when explanting.

When I went through my explant journey, I had to figure it all out for myself.

But after finishing that journey and completing over 2000 hours of study along with a number of certifications, I’ve packed everything into one easy-to-read, kickass guidebook for you called Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life!

>>> Click here to Learn More & grab the Killer Breasts book + 6 Bonuses FREE

Talk soon,

Diane Kazer


Saline and Silicone


  • WAIT! Are Breast Implants & Beauty Treatments causing your Illness?
  • Do you have autoimmunity? Read this.
  • How these ‘natural’ substances are actually hurting you


Saline and Silicone.

Used everyday in lifesaving medical devices every day as well as in all breast implants.

Inert. Harmless. Right?


The truth is that ALL implants leak, bleed or rupture… Eventually.

Don’t believe me?

Doctors will tell you that nothing can get in or out, but how do they explain the saline implants that are covered in mold on the inside? Or the silicone implants that turn yellow and have speckles of something resembling mold inside them? How did this happen?

But it gets worse…

One study even revealed that approximately 74% of women with implants had silicone migration to their lymph nodes.

What does all of this have to do with autoimmunity?

All implants are “foreign objects,” and a woman’s body reacts to the foreign object by forming a capsule of scar tissue around the implant itself.

As a study sampling over 100,000 women concluded, “The risk of certain autoimmune diseases increased by 800% (Sjogren Syndrome), 700% (scleroderma), and 600% (arthritis) for women with implants compared to the general population of women of the same age and demographics.”

Well, if you have autoimmunity or THINK you may have autoimmunity… The slow leaking toxins in breast implants can be an “always on” trigger for those symptoms!

Personally, after seeing all of the data and the evidence, I made the very personal and empowering decision to remove my own implants. I learned a lot through my own healing journey. And personally, I do believe that is the ONLY way to maximize your health… 

Whether you’re at the start of your journey, the middle, you’ve already explanted, or you’ve even decided to keep your implants… I’ve got something for you.

It’s my new book: Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life!

Inside, we cover:

  • How to Remove Your Implants, Still Have Beautiful Breasts, PLUS Look and Feel Younger than Ever Before (page 43)

  • The 30+ Toxins Hidden In Breast Implants (page 32)

  • Why Some People Feel WORSE After Explanting (And What You Can Do About It!)  (page 45)

  • How and Where to Time Your Surgeries for the Best Results (page 63)

  • Everything You Need to Know About Diet, Saunas, Social Boundaries, Pre and Post Explant Life (page 73)

  • And so much more…

Literally everything you need to know is in this one concise book. 🙂

For women with implants, (and anyone with any silicone and/or saline implant in their body), the toxins bleed into our bodies from day one of implantation.

Silicone, saline as well as thirty plus other toxins and heavy metals migrate to our lymph nodes, liver and brain.

It doesn’t happen to some women. It happens to all.

>>> Click here to get the Killer Breasts book and $500 Exclusive Bonuses Diane is sharing with my tribe

Talk soon,

Diane Kazer



The RIGHT way to detox

Gene / detox implication



The RIGHT way to Detox after Explant


Let’s face it.

There are a TON of big myths out there about detoxing.

Most people think that ‘detoxing’ is some kind of fad thing made up by diet gurus that you should do once a year…

But the truth is your body is detoxing every day!

And when it comes to explanting it’s crucial you do it the right way. And it’s even more important you don’t do it too fast.

If you detox too quickly, you can run into symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, flu-like feelings, headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting… And even reabsorbing those toxins…

(It’s kind of like blowing the leaves around the yard but not getting rid of them.. 😬)

Let’s talk about the approach most people use and why it usually doesn’t work for them… And then we’ll talk about the RIGHT way to do it.


Wrong Way #1 – Genetics

A lot of people think that if they have certain genetics detox is either useless or impossible…

The good news is that genetics actually only factor in about 5% of the equation. Bad genes can be present but not causing problems.

I myself have the “worst” variation of the MTHFR gene, but with a bio-hacked and healthy lifestyle, it’s really not that big of a deal. 🙂


Wrong Way #2 – “Bug Killing Spree”

Going on a bug killing spree to eradicate candida, parasites, viruses, SIBO, etc. won’t fix everything.

If you work on the gut without actually doing a cellular level detox on the body, then your gut issues are just going to return! The bugs won’t go away until the toxins are gone because most of the time, the gut bugs are there to protect you from the toxins.


Wrong Way #3 – Plant-Based Binders

Lots of people have heard of chlorella, cilantro, and spirulina working well as “binders” in the body… But the truth is they are very weak and can cause more harm with women who carry a heavy metal load from having breast implants. Stronger detox binders are highly imperative!

“So how do I detox the RIGHT way..?”

Firstly… Take some time to recover from your explant surgery. This usually takes about a month.

Next, you need to open the detox pathways. Getting rid of these powerful toxins means supporting your body at the cellular level (where the toxins are actually embedded)…

NOW you’re ready to actually detox. Your goal?

Make it tolerable so you don’t create a lot of symptoms without pushing it over the edge. And heads up… This is a journey. Often 6 months or more. So be patient.

The main systems/organs you need to support are your hormones, the liver and kidneys, methylation and, and the cell walls. Also, the gut (of course)!

Last but certainly not least…

Don’t add to the burden with alcohol and toxic thoughts. But we can talk about that in another email…

If you’re looking for a complete plan, I actually just put the finishing touches on my new book: Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life!


Inside, we cover:

  • How to Remove Your Implants, Still Have Beautiful Breasts, PLUS Look and Feel Younger than Ever Before (page 43)

  • The 30+ Toxins Hidden In Breast Implants (page 32)

  • Why Some People Feel WORSE After Explanting (And What You Can Do About It!)  (page 45)

  • How and Where to Time Your Surgeries for the Best Results (page 63)

  • Everything You Need to Know About Diet, Saunas, Social Boundaries, Pre and Post Explant Life (page 73)

  • And so much more…

When you order in the next few days, you also get 6 incredible bonuses:

Bonus #1: FREE Digital Version of Diane’s Detox Guide – ‘Are toxins at the root of your symptoms?’

Bonus #2: Checklist: Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

Bonus #3: Symptom Checklist

Bonus #4: Toxic Load Assessment with 3 Outcomes explaining why you have Symptoms & what to do about it with your very own Customized Protocol

PLUS Bonus #5: Anatomy of An Explant – “Case Study with Diane’s Surgeon” addressing all of the options for explant and answers about the process which will save you MONTHS of research on your own.

Bonus #6: – Explant Chronicles of 15 Women who Suffered Symptoms of BII and are now THRIVING Post Explant. – 3 Video Interviews that will offer you Hope, Healing & Heart Medicine to help you move through BII and Beyond. This is the advice I wish I had years ago when I was searching for answers and had NO idea my breast implants were causing them.

If you want to get the book, click here now:

>>> Get Killer Breasts the book

Talk soon,

-Diane Kazer