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“Does this grudge make me look fat?”

Yep, yep it does!!! The REAL way to lose weight! Wait…what?

SISTERS, stop for a moment and:
<3 take a PAUSE.
<3 take a BREATH.
now close your eyes….


What am I NOT forgiving myself about?

It could be something from yesterday, or even something that hasn’t happened yet (our egos are funny about guilt).
BUT I’m betting it’s something from YEARS ago…when you were a little girl. And you stored that trauma to cope with the emotion. You made it mean something about you (totally untrue, but we don’t know better as little kids). And you believed it. As you do now.

It’s still following you.
Could it be the body WEIGHT you carry is a manifestation of the MENTAL weight you’re imprisoned by?

What if the formula to weight loss was:


HERE’S WHAT I CARRY with me and I work on EVERY damn day:
“I fucked up my brothers childhood. I ran from my ‘light’ with the darkness of alcohol. I blacked out at times. Mission Accomplished. But, I made him worry. My sadness and insecurities infected those who loved me. The pain of ‘being myself’ outweighed the pain of feeling his hurt as an outcome of my (poor) decisions.’….

I didn’t know better then. But what I realized as I grew older is that our guilt and the actions of spreads onto others like a virus. This is why I say ‘not loving yourself is selfish’…because you can see the outcome of my ‘loathing me’. When we stop to see it this way, we realize that to be THE very best influence on the people we care about, we must FORGIVE ourself. It is the unconditional love that produces THE greatest amount of oxytocin, yielding happiness and connection to others. A sense of community that draws people to us, rooted in LOVE, not loathing.

And what I see today, is that as I release that guilt from my being, my kidneys and liver are able to let go too (kidneys store fear, liver stores anger/guilt), and the better I can detox my body. And the things, the men I attract into my life are a direct reflection of how I feel about me in the moment. If I loathe me, I attract things that prove that – our ego always wants to be RIGHT and will always look to scan for information around us that PROVES we’re right….”see I’m not lovable, another guy ABANDONED me”.

If you believe you ARE lovable, you will attract THAT and your mind will take the backseat to your heart, which now has the wheel. You will draw things into your life rooted in LOVE, oxytocin will increase, cortisol (stress, fat storing hormone) will decrease, your sex and sleep hormones level, and ALL begins to fall into place.

THIS is the importance of self love, above and beyond EVERYTHING else…to share with others, the greatest version of yourself, and to connect on the DEEPEST level possible, free from fear, worry and self loathing.


Do you see?

Now let’s let this $hit go.
Post the THING you feel guilty about below, if you are so courageous…and lets begin this emotional (ahem FAT) detox!


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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”