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functional dentist

Today you’re going to learn a lot about your teeth and specifically (pun intended) the root cause of so much infection today. We’re going to cover a lot of things from if you have ever had a root canal done, or if you’ve had your wisdom teeth pulled. 86% of people who have had their wisdom teeth pulled have some kind of cavitation that is causing disease peripherally in other parts of their body. Look no further than the help of a functional dentist.

This is one that you absolutely not only want to listen from, start to finish, but you’ll also want to share this with other people, because it is said today that 70 to 80% of chronic disease begins in your mouth. Even better if you watch our youtube video on this to follow along with the diagrams. I am joined by Alessandro Porcella Jr., future functional dentist, to shed some light on why holistic dentistry should be the ONLY way.

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In this episode

  • • Why it’s time to retire your family dentist for a HOLISTIC, FUNCTIONAL DENTIST
  • • The not-so-wise removal of those wisdom teeth
  • • MERCURY: how’d it end up in our mouths & why are so many dentists defending it as a ’safe’ material?
  • • So you don’t have a mercury filling but you DO have a white filling- WHAT NOW?
  • What is a cavitation? Is that like a cavity!? (NO!)
This could very well be in your mouth right now. Hope you didn’t have breakfast this morning!

Functional Dentist Approved Dental Detox Kit

Dental Detox Kit

I use something called the Dental Detox Kit from Primal Life Organics, by my friend, Trina Felber. She has several things in this dental detox kit that you absolutely need to start cleaning out your personal care products, and your oral care routine. We all need to just do a lot of healthy swaps to get back to mother nature’s types of ingredients.This whole dental detox kit is six products and it’s all that you need to keep your mouth clean. And she’s had lots of testimonials for people who have cleaned a lot of things out of their mouth, including avoiding certain procedures that their dentist said that they needed to have because they saved their own mouth microbiome.


Oral Health & Mercury Fillings?

Tooth Meridians

The ONLY time it’s debatable not to is if you have mercury fillings as they do leech vapor into your mouth which gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your cheeks, under your tongue (sublingually) as well as you swallow it with food when you chew.  WATCH THIS VIDEO which clearly illustrates it. This is why I HIGHLY recommend against mercury fillings and/or seeing a functional dentist to have them removed properly and in small groups.  I made the mistake of having all of mine removed at the same time which is just too much for the body to absorb at once.  It went into my lymph nodes on my neck under my cheek bones and I looked swollen for years until I slowly detox’ed them with these HEAVY METAL HERBS as well as more dedicated detox things such as Coffee enemas and NIR Infrared sauna.  It takes a MINIMUM of 2 years to remove these toxic metals from your body so the very best thing you can do for yourself is not add them back in.

Without knowing, many people chase the concept of a sexy body, booty or belly, without realizing that one of the key root causes that roadblocks us from these goals is toxicity, much of which comes from the mouth, and the meridians you see above.



“If you go to the dentist and he says “oh yeah I’m a holistic dentist I can remove the Mercury and the metals in your mouth”.First of all, It would be good to see if they are part of one of the holistic organizations… We’ve seen a lot of doctors say they’re holistic and the only difference is that they don’t put metal in the mouth. “ [15:56]

“If you have a tooth removed and you don’t clean it out properly underneath, even if there wasn’t an infection the periodontal ligament that’s left behind and your body over time will reabsorb it but it is essentially like super glue for bacteria.” [58:41]

“We’ve had a person come in, in a wheelchair because they were having all these muscular pains and joint pains. After removing the cavitations and other old root canals, and older in on they were walking within the next few months. Some people will tell you the next day that you can start feeling arthritic pain go away.”  [1:06:30]




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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”